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You knew it was going to be hard work, but no matter what you do, you can’t seem to generate a real income from your online business.


Let me be honest with you… 


Lead magnets suck.


Webinars don’t work.


Launch formulas have been done so many times that customers don’t fall for it anymore.


Lucky for you, there’s one proven system for generating leads and pulling in massive sales… 


And the vast majority of businesses still aren’t using it.

Virtual Summits:

The Secret To Generating Buzz, Building Trust, and Establishing Your Brand In 5 Days Or Less!

The old (failing) marketing method goes like this:

  1. Create a lead magnet.

  2. Spend money on ads.

  3. Send out dozens of emails.

  4. Make one or two sales.

And after all that, you might still be losing money.


But Virtual Summits are better.


By bringing together a group of experts in your field, you instantly generate buzz and prove your value to potential customers.


People will see you as a leader, a real professional.


And they’ll be willing to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your expertise!

I'm Your Host, Dr. Mark T. Wade ... and Virtual Summits Saved My Business 

(and I Made $32,000 on the First Try).

For years, I kept trying the same old marketing tricks that everyone swears by.


Funnels. Launches. Ads. Lead magnets. 


Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Lose money.


But then I finally had a fresh idea: virtual summits.


I was going to host an awesome online event where dozens of experts shared free tips and advice over the course of 3-5 days.


And in just a few days, I had thousands of customers who went from being completely cold leads…
​to paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for my digital products. 

With Virtual Summits, 

You Make Money Before You Buy Ads.

One of the truly magical things about virtual summits is that other businesses will pay to be a part
​of your event.


(Good luck getting paid for your white papers and lead magnets.)


With so much profit potential, it’s no wonder that the leading entrepreneurs and business experts
are using virtual summits to multiply their income.

Russell Brunson and Other Top Influencers Are Making Millions from Virtual Summits.

We'll Show You How.

Russel Bruson, founder of the billion-dollar ClickFunnels empire, used a virtual summit to generate over million dollars in just 14 days.


My friend Chandler Bolt from Self-Publishing School built an eight-figure ($10,000,000+) company that started with a virtual summit.


And my good buddy Pete Vargas from Advance Your Reach just a few months ago did $12,000,000 (twelve-million) from his virtual event.

Build Your Audience!

Scale Your Biz!

Virtual Summits are the MOST POWERFUL Online Marketing Strategy!  It's used by the biggest influencers in the world and entrepreneurs just getting started because it works to generate an audience, build influence, and generate revenue!

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Here’s how Summit Talks will finally give you a marketing system that makes you money before you buy ads.

  • ​Learn how to quickly and easily set up a massive online summit that gives real value to your audience and proves to them that your business is the right solution for them.

  • ​​Simplify your online marketing fast. Stop losing money on ads that don’t work. It’s time to create a system that reliably generates sales online.

  • Make money from Day 1. Most ad money is wasted and takes a long time to recover, but with our proven Profitable Summit System, you can start making money back from the very
    first day.

  • Start selling big-ticket courses and services ($1,000+) to customers who just found out you exist. With a live virtual summit, you can generate far more trust, excitement, and brand loyalty than ever before.

Grow Your Audience, Establish Your Authority, and Skyrocket Your Income Using Virtual Summits




Hi, I’m Dr. Mark T. Wade, CEO of Viral Summits Concierge and the visionary behind the evolution of virtual summits. 


Using virtual summits, I’ve built multiple six and seven figure companies ($1,000,000+).


And I am the founder of the first platform ever created for hosting summits, called Virtual Summits Software.


On top of that, I am the host of the Top Rated Virtual Summit Podcast, inventor of the One-Day Summit, and
​I run an in-person conference called
Summit Fest Live in New Orleans.


With my step-by-step system, I’m confident that anyone can create a successful, profitable summit online that
generates massive sales in just a few days.


Please don’t wait. 


There is no other marketing system that I’ve ever tried that actually gets you paid before you buy ads.


It’s only a matter of time before every business in the world starts using it, and you don’t want to be late
to the million-dollar party.


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Not Just Theory

Real Life Summit Experts

Expert Course Creators Use Virtual Summits

Perfect For Creators

Summit Talks Is For YOU!

If you are a creator, like a course creator, online coach, blogger, YouTuber, or any other type of creator, and you want to get your message out to more people, build your authority and generate some cash in your pocket, then this is definitely for you.  Learn from other creators just like you that were able to scale their creations, and generate massive revenues from hosting a virtual summit!

Learn How Empires Are Built With Virtual Summits!

Want To Build An Audience?

Summit Talks Is For YOU!

If you have something already going on but you know it could be SOOO MUCH MORE successful if you just had a bigger audience; if you just had a few more thousand people in your tribe or image what 10,000 more people in your tribe would do.  Then yes this is so for you! Learn how these entrepreneurs were able to build MEGA audiences and scale their businesses using Virtual Summits!

From Job To Online Empire With Virtual Summits!

Ready To Go ALL IN!

Summit Talks Is For YOU!

If you are a side hustler looking to go all in and finally ditch the 9 to 5 and build your business, influence and income, then this is for you. Learn how these entrepreneurs just like you went from normal 9 to 5 jobs to building mega online empires using Virtual Summits as the source!  

From In (disaster)Person Event To (Success)Virtual Summit!

Ready To Go Virtual?

Summit Talks Is For YOU!

If you are an in person event host and ready to finally take some or all of it virtual then yes yes yes this is for you. Even if you plan to keep your event in person you MUST have a virtual component to protect and support your current event.  Nothing is more perfect for you than a Virtual Summit.  Learn from these other in person event hosts who quickly pivoted to a virtual summit and had incredible success!

Learn From Real Life Entrepreneurs JUST LIKE YOU!

They Did It & So Can YOU!

Summit Talks Is For YOU!

Get insights from over 120+ entrepreneurs who got their message out to the world, build massive audiences and scaled their businesses all through the power of a virtual summit!   Plus tune into our daily "Summit In Color" as we highlight diverse voices of summit hosts of color, minority and culturally based summits.     They have all built success through a virtual summit, and you can too, through Summit Talks!

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The Virtual Summit Starter Kit includes the exact resources you need to start building out your virtual summit. Such as my Summit Flow Guide to map out your summit.  The Summit Speaker Tracker to stay organized and on TOP of your speaker recruitment. The summit Story Arc Template to ensure you create an Edu-Tainment style summit  and The Summit Agenda Template to map out a profitable virtual summit.   Plus, get my Summit Communication Framework, my Summit Offer Guide, and Summit Promotion Overview.  


All of this is yours for FREE, just by joining us on the Summit Talks Summit. But, it’s only available for a short time.  So take action now.  

Real Life Virtual Summit Hosts

They were just like you trying to build and grow their business.  Then they found out about virtual summits.  Fast forward 3-4 months later and now they are living the life of their dreams!

GREG Eckel

– Health Care Provider

Greg has generated over $1,000,000 in the last year from a One-Day Summit!  One summit funnel has generated Greg more patients and success than ever before. AND now he has an online stream of income. 

Ernie Svenson

- Attorney

Ernie runs an in person workshop for attorneys.  When tragedy happened, instead of canceling he transitioned it into a virtual summit and went from “disaster” to generating $62,000 of profit from his first summit. 

Allie Stoffels

– Gymnastic Recreation Professional

Allie who was on a mission to unite her profession ran the first ever Gym Rec Pros Summit!  She brought together four thousand attendees not only creating the largest gathering ever in her space, but immediately becoming the celebrity in her industry. 

Krista Burns

– Online Course/Program Creator

Krista went from a brick and mortar business to building a MULTI-MILLION Dollar online company selling courses to health care providers.  Virtual Summits were the NUMBER ONE strategy that allowed her to build her audience and sell her courses!

Grow Your Audience, Establish Your Authority, and Skyrocket Your Income Using Virtual Summits!

Get FREE Access to 120+ Experts on How To Use Virtual Summits To Generate Massive Reach + Revenue.  Available Immediately when you register

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